Five Heroes: Birthday greetings to Rene, Gerardo from Perth

Monday, 9 June 2008

Birthday greetings to Rene, Gerardo from Perth

More than 20 people gathered in Perth yesterday to celebrate "Che" Guevara, Gerardo and Rene's birthdays.

This celebration was organised to reaffirm the commitment to the freedom of the Cuban Five in the wake of the politically manipulated outcome of the 11th Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

Vinnie Molina, president of the friendship society in Perth expressed his disappointment for the result that continues to keep five heroes in jail after already being unfairly detained for 10 consecutive years. Their only crime being to defend their homeland from terrorists attacks carried out and organised by the Cuban mafia in Miami.

He also condemned the actions of the US government that keeps the self confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles walking free while keeping the Cuban Five illegally incarcerated. This self-confessed terrorist must be extradited to Cuba or Venezuela to pay for his crimes.

Those present also sent a message of solidarity to the Cuban Five and signed birthday cards for Gerardo and Rene which will be posted by members of the friendship society.

We must continue the struggle until the Cuban Five return home.


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