Five Heroes: New Year's Messages of Solidarity and Hope from Ramon and Antonio

Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Year's Messages of Solidarity and Hope from Ramon and Antonio

Message from Ramón

Dear brothers and sisters of the world:
As the Christmas and New Year 2008 celebrations approach, we want to send you our congratulations together with all the appreciation and affection, for supporting us in this cause that unites us: solidarity with Cuba and freedom for the Five.
For these days one makes an assessment of what was accomplished and what is to be done. This is why, in remembering all the actions that were carried out in 2007 in order to gain more solidarity for our cause, we are filled with strength and more optimism in our inevitable victory
No matter how long this cruelty lasts, victory will be ours. We will continue to struggle alongside you, to put an end to the double standard of the empire, which claims to fight terrorism, yet keeps us imprisoned, denying the history of terrorist attacks against the Cuban people.
From Argentina to Canada and the United States, through Central America and the Caribbean; on the other side of the Atlantic; from Spain, to Viet Nam and Australia, on the African continent: In every corner of the planet we have heard the voice of justice demanding our freedom. Your letters inform us each day of all these actions, events and displays of solidarity. Count on us always for every just cause, we will be with you soon.
Many thanks, sisters and brothers, for knowing that we can depend on you always, to put an end to so much injustice that for almost 10 years has separated us from our loved ones and our beloved homeland.
For Cubans, the holidays include the one we celebrate, of another anniversary of the Revolution, which returned the dignity and freedom that the peoples of our continent struggle for.
Long live the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban people!
Ever onward to victory!
Ramón Labañino Salazar USP Beaumont, Texas Dec. 20, 2007

Message from Antonio

Dear Friends:
Thank you for your words full of encouragement and brotherhood.
This year 2007 is coming to its end and in one way or another we all make an appraisal of our achievements and failures, as well as of our joys and sorrows in these 12 months. We know that time is relative, but we cannot avoid to measure it and within it to trace new goals, our near and far away dreams.
There is something that clearly comes to view in our evaluation of this year: it is the incessant growing of the solidarity with our struggle for justice and freedom.
Of course, we know that still we have much to do in order to reach the truth to all corners and with it to gain the door to justice, but we can count on the tenacity that each one of our friends has demonstrated, on your indestructible attachment to reason and honesty and on your immense love to Cuban people and its Revolution.
Most of the time my answer to your letter comes with delay because I have so many commitments and I am involved in various projects, but you should know that you are and you will be forever in the hearts of the Five.
Happy New Year 2008! We wish you health, peace and love. A strong embrace from the Five.
¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!
Greetings to friends,
In solidarity,
Antonio Guerrero USP Florence, Colorado December 2007

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