Five Heroes: Sign a Petition to George W. Bush Demading Release of the Five

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sign a Petition to George W. Bush Demading Release of the Five

Despite the overwhelming clamor worldwide for justice and their freedom, the five are still incarcerated in the United States, confined in prisons of maximum security, denied of their right to receive regular visits even from family members; their telephone contacts and correspondence limited and controlled.

Indeed the people of the world were shocked and outraged to know that on May 8, 2007, international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles has been released in the United States and all charges against him were dropped, while the five Cuban heroes continue to languish in US prisons and their rights grossly violated. This aptly shows the double standards of the US in its “war on terrorism”.

Let us continue to struggle for justice and freedom of the Five Cuban patriots!

Click here to sign the Amistad's online petition to free the five.

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Through this blog we aim to add more voices to the campaign to free the five Cuban political prisoners who are being unjustly held in prisons in the United States.